Best Grizzly Router Tables

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Grizzly has been making high-quality saws and tools since 1976. So it’s a name that is well recognized in the woods and shop building industries.

Maybe you are considering buying a new router table to take your milling and joinery skills to another level. Or perhaps you need to buy a router table for your own shop where you work alone or with friends on weekend projects.

A Grizzly router table is a fast, durable solution that will meet your needs whether you want to improve your existing power tool skills or are new to woodworking and just starting on your workbench.

In this guide, I will cover the best Grizzly router tables and why you should get the ones that are best for you. 

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Grizzly Industrial T1240 – Router Table

The Grizzly Industrial T1240 is one of the best router tables. It is made from heavy-duty steel and has a large working surface. Additionally, the fence on the table can be adjusted to accommodate different size bits. You get everything you need to start the table, including a router bit set. 

  • The tabletop has both a sacrificial surface as well as a solid surface for smaller projects
  • Compact and easily movable
  • Perfect router table for a small-project
  • More useful for small projects

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Grizzly Industrial T10432 – Router Table with Stand

Grizzly Industrial T10432 – Router Table with Stand is one of the best router tables on the market. It’s very well-made and comes with a stand that makes it easy to use and its fence, miter gauge, and dust collection port. Anyone looking for a high-quality router table should consider this model.

  • Budget-Friendly. Compact, Sturdy, and stable
  • Easy-to-use
  • This table comes with a universal joint and can be adjusted to any angle
  • Plastic base router plate

Grizzly Industrial G0528 – Sliding Router Table

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The Grizzly G0528 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a durable and reliable sliding router table. This table features a heavy-duty cast iron construction, making it built to last. It also has an easy-to-use sliding fence system that lets you quickly make precise cuts. Plus, the table comes with all the necessary accessories to get started right away.

In addition, the table features a smooth surface that is ideal for routing, and the sliding mechanism allows for easy depth adjustment. Overall, the Grizzly G0528 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality router table.

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  • Table fence is adjustable to accommodate different sizes of workpieces
  • Easy to use with multiple kinds of the router, especially small routers, and trim routers
  • Little bit costly as compared to other tables

Grizzly Industrial T28048 – Portable Series Router Table

Grizzly’s T28048 router table is slightly different from all the others due to its cabinet design. This router table is made from pine plywood and has anti-rattle feet. There is ample space inside it for the router and the extensions. The thick masonite tabletop, the fence system, and the subframe make this model ideal for heavy-duty work. The dimensions of this product create 4’x 8. 

Moreover, Grizzly T28048 is an entirely portable router table with foldable legs. It comes with a built-in storage cabinet, too, in which you can keep your extension cord and other power tools. Another feature of this cabinet is that it will fit right out of the box, and there is no alignment or modification needed before using it as a router table as everything works.

  • Durable hardwood plywood tabletop
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Expensive
  • Not much easy to assemble

Grizzly Industrial T28780 – Router Table with Lift

The Grizzly T28780 Router Table with Lift is one of the best router tables on the market. The Grizzly T28780 is a well-built router table. It’s constructed of cast iron that has been finished with zinc plating.

It’s an excellent choice for woodworkers of all skill levels. The table also has a fence that can be adjusted to different widths. The included drawer is perfect for storing router bits and other accessories. 

  • This table has a built-in router lift that makes it easy to adjust the height of the router bit
  • It comes with two dust ports
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Expensive as compared to Grizzly, another router table

Why Choose Grizzly Router Table?

If you’re in the market for a new router table, you may be wondering why you should choose a Grizzly model. Here are some reasons why Grizzly router tables are the best on the market:

Durability: Grizzly router tables are built to last, with a heavy-duty steel frame that can withstand years of use.

Tabletop: The tabletop is made of smooth, high-quality MDF, ideal for routing operations.

Fence: The fence is adjustable and has T-slots for attaching jigs and other accessories. It also features Micro Adjust for precise fence positioning.

Dust Collection: The dust collection port on Grizzly router tables is designed to work with standard shop vacuums and dust collectors.

Overall Value: For the features and quality you get, Grizzly router tables are an excellent value for the money.


The Grizzly company is well known for making tools and equipment. Router tables made by this company are pretty well known among woodworkers. Their router tables are made from high-quality materials suitable for beginners and professionals.

Tables from Grizzly, such as the above five, are some of their best products in the router table category. One of these router tables might be a good choice if you consider buying one for your woodworking projects.