How to Setup Bosch Router Table?

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After purchasing the router table, the main task is to set up the router table properly. The setup is not much hard, but the setup must be properly to do the woodworking task perfectly.

The Bosch company makes a wide variety of products, especially tools and equipment related to woodworking. The router table comes with all the necessary accessories, so all you need to do is assemble it. This blog post will discuss how to set up a bosch router table.

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Bosch Router Table

Fasten the Legs to the Center Section

  • Use a helper for this step, as the centre section is about 77 pounds and does not fit through the leg holes.
  • Fasten the legs to the centre section using eight screws (provided). Use a Phillips screwdriver, size 2 or larger, and do not overtighten (TIP: Tighten until legs are flush with the top of the centre section). The assembly should now be stable.

Bolt the Outer Rails to the Top

The top includes two rails to which the outer rails are attached. Since the outer rails are used to mount the fence, everything must be square and level. Ensure all three pieces are in place, and then carefully tighten the bolts.

The hardware provided with this kit is very nice—the bolts are locked in with a washer and nut hidden inside the rail system.

Adjust Clamping Knobs and Feet

It’s easy to make sure that your table is at the ideal height: adjust your feet! Ensure that your entire table surface is level, including the fence (which you should check with a level). Once your table is level, you’re ready to move on to setting up the clamping knobs.

The final step of setting up your clamps is to ensure that they are secure in their slots. If the knob does not fit easily into the slot and stays there without moving, you may have to adjust the height of one or more of the knobs first by turning them counterclockwise until they move freely into place.

Install the Folding Fence

Remove the fence and align it with the T-slots to install the folding fence. Screw the plastic knobs into place to secure them. Using a square, ensure that the fence is straight.

Ensure that it is flush with the edge of the tabletop by adjusting both sides until they are parallel to each other.

Cut Out and Install the Dust Collection Porthole

Once you have the router installed, it’s time to move to the dust collection port. The Bosch RA1181 comes with a 4-inch dust collection port that needs to be cut into the table.

You can use either an oscillating tool or a jigsaw to cut out the hole. If you are using a jigsaw, make sure you use a carbide blade and keep your speed at about 5 to 6 for clean cuts.

Start by cutting just outside of your mark, and then come closer until you have reached your line in small increments. Small adjustments are better than taking too much material off at once. Once you have made the initial cut, wipe down any rough edges with sandpaper or a file before fitting the part. 

Once you have it fit snugly, secure it in place with screws from the inside of the table. Depending on how tight of a fit you were able to get, this may require some effort as you need to counter twist against yourself on one side while applying downward force on the other side of the plate simultaneously as tightening screw heads down inside with an Allen wrench.

To test how well your port is holding vacuum pressure, attach a shop vac hose and then cover up all vents and gaps around both sides of where your hose attaches so that all suction is going through this device rather than leaking from anywhere else. 

This test goes not only smoothly but also accurately reflects its performance when being used during actual operations later down the road after the purchase date has passed without any further changes being made before installing routers for the first time (or re-installing them if something goes wrong during the installation process).

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Bosch router table setup is easy and quick, especially with a helper

The Bosch router table is a great choice for woodworking enthusiasts. This table is made up of durable materials, so it can easily withstand punishment and still function perfectly. Moreover, the Bosch router table comes with an easy and quick setup; just follow the instructions given below:

  • You will need some help to set up this table as most of the work requires two people to do so.
  • If you have someone who can give you a hand while setting up this table, that’s great, but if not, then don’t worry because there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that show how one person alone can set up this table.
  • It takes more time when you’re doing it by yourself because you won’t be able to keep the pieces together firmly while putting them together at once.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that at least one other person help out while putting together these components; otherwise, they might fall apart during the installation process, which could cause unnecessary delays in your project completion date or, even worse – damage some parts; irreparably!

Bosch Router Tutorial


This is incredible! The Bosch router table is a great investment if you’re looking to increase your woodworking productivity—and now you know just how to set it up!

You’ve read all about the benefits of using a router table, and you’ve gone through the whole setup process step by step. You know the difference between a plunge router and a fixed-base router, which one works best with the Bosch router table, and how to set up both correctly. 

You even know how to calibrate your new tool for optimal performance. Now that you’ve got your new router table all set up, you’re ready to get out there and start making some furniture!

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