Kreg Router Tables

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Router tables are an essential tool for the woodworker. It provides a smooth, flat surface that can be clamped to a workpiece for routing. The Kreg Precision Router Table System is one of the best you can buy.

Kreg is a well-known brand in the woodworking industry, and their router tables are top quality. They offer many features that other brands don’t, such as adjustable fence height and an easy-to-use clamping system. Sure, you could get by without a router table, but we say go for it if you have the budget for it!

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Kreg Router Tables

KREG Precision Router Table System, Kreg# PRS1045

The Kreg PRS1045 is one of the best router tables on the market. It’s a great choice for woodworkers of all skill levels. The PRS1045 has a sturdy steel frame that ensures accuracy and stability.

The tabletop is made of high-quality MDF, which is smooth and flat. The fence is also made of MDF, and it’s adjustable so that you can get the perfect cut every time.

The Kreg PRS1045 comes with many accessories, including a feather board, miter gauge, stop block, and an insert plate. These accessories make it easy to use the router table and get great results.

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  • It is incredibly long-lasting due to its build quality
  • Machinery adjustment in this table is effortless
  • It’s a little pricey

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

The Kreg PRS2100 is a great router table for anyone who wants to get the most out of their router. It has an ample work surface and various features that make it easy to use.

One of the best features of the Kreg PRS2100 is its fence. The fence is adjustable, so you can set it to the exact width you need for your project. It also has a dust collection port that helps to keep your work area clean.

Another great feature of the Kreg PRS2100 is its router plate. The plate is made of durable cast iron and is precision machined for accuracy. It also has an easy-to-use clamping system that keeps your router securely in place.

The Kreg PRS2100 also comes with a few accessories, such as an edge guide and a feather board. These accessories help to make your work easier and more precise. Overall, the Kreg PRS2100 is a great router table for anyone who wants to get the most out of their router. It has an ample work surface and various features that make it easy to use.

  • Easy-to-use fence system
  • Compatible with most routers up to 3Hp that have a 1/2″ shank (DeWalt, Porter-Cable and Bosch)
  • Plastic made material is not much durable

Why Choose Kreg Router Tables?

If you’re looking for the best router table, you should consider Kreg router tables. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Kreg is a well-known and trusted brand in the woodworking world, so you can be confident that their products are high quality.

2. Kreg router tables have a built-in dust collection system, which is essential for keeping your work area clean and tidy.

3. The tabletop is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), which is exceptionally smooth and flat, providing a perfect surface for working with your router.

4. The fence on Kreg router tables is adjustable, so you can customize it to suit your specific needs.

5. Kreg offers excellent customer service, so they will be more than happy to help you out if you have any questions or problems.

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Kreg PRS2100 vs Kreg PRS1045

The Kreg PRS2100 and the Kreg PRS1045 are great options for a router table. They both have a lot of features that make them stand out from other router tables. The Kreg PRS2100 has a larger tabletop, which gives you more space to work with. 

It also has a dust collection port, which helps to keep your work area clean. The PRS1045 also has a dust collection port, but it is not as large as the one on the PRS2100.

The Kreg PRS2100 also has adjustable legs, which is an excellent feature if you need to level the table on an uneven surface. The Kreg PRS1045 does not have adjustable legs. Both of these router tables come with a fence, but the fence on the Kreg PRS2100 is easier to adjust. The fence on the Kreg PRS1045 is also easy to adjust, but it requires you to remove two screws.

Brand nameKreg PRS2100Kreg PRS1045
Weight26.1 pounds69.9 pounds
Dimensions/Size19.25 x 30 x 4.75 inches37.48 x 25.51 x 36.5 inches
Insert Plate Dimensions9-1/4 x 11-3/4 x 3/8 in3/8 in. x 9–1/4 in. x 11–3/4

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Kreg’s PRS2100 and PRS1045 model router tables are helping many woodworkers with their wood-related projects.

Kreg router tables are outstanding in terms of build quality and performance when compared with other router tables. Hopefully, the above-detailed blog post will benefit you if you are considering buying a Kreg router table.

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