Microjig Push Block

If you’re looking for a safe and precise way to make accurate cuts when using a table saw, the Microjig Grr-ripper Gr-100 3D Table Saw Push Block could be the perfect solution for you.

This innovative tool is designed to give you perfect control while keeping your hands away from the blade. From the advanced design to the superior construction, the Grr-ripper is the perfect tool to give you the edge you need to work safely and accurately.

This push block is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. It features a yellow color that makes it easy to spot on your workbench and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

Some other push blocks by MicroJig if you are looking for a safe, easy and efficient way to work on your table saw.

Why did you choose Microjig Grr-ripper Gr-100 3d Table see Push block?

These are reasons why to choose Microjig Pushblock for your woodworking project:

Design and Features

The Grr-Ripper is designed to be used with a variety of table saws, and it is compatible with most standard miter gauges.

It features a dual-grip design that allows you to control the wood as it is being pushed through the saw blade, which helps to prevent kickback and other dangerous situations.

The Grr-Ripper also has adjustable jaws that can be set to the thickness of the wood you are working with, which ensures a secure grip.

Safety Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of the Grr-Ripper is its ability to improve safety in the workshop. The dual-grip design allows you to maintain a firm hold on the wood, which helps to prevent it from slipping or moving unexpectedly.

This can be a major safety benefit, as kickbacks and other accidents are common occurrences when using a table saw.

The Grr-Ripper also has a built-in safety feature that prevents the saw blade from touching the push block, which further reduces the risk of injury.

Precision Cutting

In addition to its safety benefits, the Grr-Ripper also helps to improve the precision of your cuts. The adjustable jaws allow you to grip the wood securely, which helps to prevent it from moving or shifting as you cut.

This can be especially helpful when making angled cuts or when working with small or delicate pieces of wood.

The Grr-Ripper’s design also allows you to make cleaner, more accurate cuts, which can save you time and effort in the long run.

Durability and Build Quality

The Grr-Ripper is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. It is made from durable plastic and features steel components, which makes it strong and able to withstand regular use.

The Grr-Ripper also has a tough, non-slip coating that provides a secure grip and helps to protect it from damage. Overall, the Grr-Ripper is a well-made tool that is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in the workshop.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons Of Microjig Table Saw Push Block?


  1. This push block provides excellent control and safety when using a table saw, reducing the risk of kickback and kickback-related injuries.
  2. The grr ripper push block patented design allows it to stay in contact with the workpiece throughout the cut, keeping it stable and helping reduce the risk of kickback.
  3. The gripper 3d push block adjustable base allows users to customize the push block to fit their table saw and workpiece.
  4. The Grr-ripper’s three-dimensional design gives users the ability to use the push block in multiple directions.


  1. The Microjig Grr-ripper Gr-100 3d Table Saw Push Block is more expensive than other push blocks on the market.
  2. The gripper push block adjustable base can become loose over time, resulting in less control and stability.
  3. The gripper push block three-dimensional design can be difficult to use with certain table saw models.
  4. The gripper push block may not be suitable for certain types of cuts, such as grooving or dadoing.

How Does the Grr-ripper Work?

The Grr-ripper is a type of push block that is used in woodworking to help guide a piece of wood through a table saw or another cutting tool. It is designed to help woodworkers make more precise cuts and avoid injuries.


The Microjig Pushblock is the perfect tool for any woodworker or DIY enthusiast. With its unique design and superior performance, this push block will help you make perfect, precise cuts with ease.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Grr-Ripper will always be an invaluable tool in your collection. Get your hands on this amazing product today and experience the power of the Grr-Ripper!

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