Router Table Accessories Guide

Router table accessories play a very essential role in making router tables more effective for woodworking. By adding these accessories to the router table, the router table becomes more productive and customizable.

In woodworking, getting precise results can be a challenge, and woodworking is not an easy skill. Nearly every woodworker uses a router table to achieve professional results in woodworking after its invention.

Router Table Accessories

In addition to this, accessories for the router table increase the work’s accuracy and safety. Router tables usually come with a few accessories. However, you can buy additional helpful accessories to make work more efficient and easier.

router table components

  • Fence
  • Dust Extraction Box
  • Featherboards
  • Switch
  • Router Lift
  • Insert Plates
  • Insert Discs
  • Router Elevator
  • Push Stick


The fence is one of the most important components of a router table. Depending on your work requirements, you can move the fence forward or backward. By having a fence attached to the router table, the work became safer.

It protects your hands from injury. In addition, the fence is equipped with a lock system that prevents it from moving when workers are working.

Additionally, the fence contains a dust collection port. When working on wood, this port collects dust and tiny wood particles. Using the dust collection port, you’ll be able to keep your workspace cleaner.

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Do you need a fence on a router table? The fence is very crucial for the safety of your work and the quality of your work. Therefore, every woodworker must have one for their router table.  

Dust Extraction Box

The routers create a lot of dust, so dealing with them is difficult. That is why a dust extraction box is also a very important part of a router table.

Dust collection ports collect dust from working materials and then extract it into a box from which waste can be easily disposed of. 

What is a dust extractor used for? The main purpose of the dust extractor is to collect the dust in one place and stop it from spreading into the air while working with wood pieces.

The dust extraction box can collect dust from above and below the router table at the same time. By using a dust extraction box with your router table, you can work with cleanliness.

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Having featherboards on a router table is also crucial. Featherboard does an impressive job when it comes to holding wood against fences and tables. As a result, your workpiece will not move during routing.

In contrast, it prevents your fingers from getting cut by the router cutter. By using featherboards while working with a routeing table, injuries are less likely to occur.

This accessory provides stability to the workpiece while controlling its movement. Using many featherboards with your router table allows you to route more safely.

Do I really need a featherboard? Work safety is enhanced with feather boards. Additionally, feather boards apply pressure to a workpiece so that it remains flat against the fence.

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Mostly router tables come with a switch under the table. You need to reach under the table to turn it on or off. Switch system makes work easier. In the case of woodworking, works need to frequently turn off and on the switch for insuring work accuracy.

For making the switching system easier. Many woodworkers use the No Volt Release (NVR) switches to make the router turn on and off process more quickly. You can easily mount the NVR switch on the router table and connect the router plug inside the socket. 

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Insert Plates

A router table would not be complete without insert plates. Insert plate plays a major role when you are woodworking. The plate flat large surface provides a good work area.

Also, the scales on the surface of the insert plate help in measurement and increase the work accuracy when you cut or mould wood.

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Insert Discs

Insert discs come in a variety of sizes, which is a great addition to your router table accessories collection. Based on the size of router bits, the insert dice are available in different sizes.

You can change discs very easily according to the router bit size. In addition, a disc gives you the option of performing various types of routing jobs professionally. 

What are router table insert rings used for? Router table insert rings and discs support the router bit and assist in dust collection and cutting accuracy.

There are different sizes of insert rings depending on the bit size used for different cuts. Discs or rings are placed in the middle of insert plates. 

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Another essential accessory for a router table is a router lift. The lift’s main purpose is to hold the handheld router. By keeping the router lift tight, the router will remain sustainable. Furthermore, the router lift allows you to attach multiple types of routers to the router table.

You can also set the position of the router bit high or low from the insert plate. Alternatively, if you want to know what is the best router lift available on the market, check out our review of Best Router Table Lift.

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Router Elevator

Router Elevator provides an ease to adjust the height of the cutter from above the surface of the table. There is no need to set the router position from under the table. You can set the cutter position according to your woodwork. 

Router Push Stick

For holding the workpiece in place, a push stick is the best accessory. It has a long angled shoe. This push stick is ideal for routing narrow workpieces.

By using this push stick you will get smooth and consistent cuts on wood pieces. Because it maintains the flatness when you put pressure on wood pieces.

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To conclude, adding accessories to the router table makes the work quicker, more accurate, and safe. As we have discussed in this guide, the router table parts are the most important for a router table to perform better.

If you are a woodworker so must add these accessories to make a professional router table for increasing the quality of your work.